Apple iPhone 7: Launch date, price, specs and more

Now that the iPhone 7 launch date has been confirmed, everyone is wondering what the much talked about device would be like. On September 7, the company is all set to pull the wraps of the iPhone 7 variants and iPhone 6SE. While that’s still a mystery, rumour mills have been working full time to churn out information, whatever possible, about the upcoming device variants. KGI, known for some accurate predictions, has tried to fill in the blanks. We’ve put together all that information under one view to bring to you what the next iPhone would possibly offer.


Apple is believed to go against the grain and bring to users an iPhone without design changes. It’s a big deal because Apple is known to bring major design changes during the non-S year of its models. However, this year it is said to be different due to a major overhaul planned for next year that also marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. You can read why this possibly makes sense here.

Some leaked render clearly pointed out at a look almost similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Flipping it over however reveals a back that appears to have fewer antenna bands compared to the models of the past. There’s just one band on the top and bottom (that are still pretty thick) that begin from the sides (the same place as before), but bend towards the edges of the smartphone revealing a seamless look compared to past models. Also noticeable on the back, is the camera module that still protrudes ever so slightly, but is also pretty large compared to the modules on past iPhones.

According to a previous reports, Apple will discontinue the Space Grey option making way for a new Deep Blue Color variant. But, soon another leak coming all the way from Italy has revealed that upcoming iPhone 7 will arrive in the same colour options like it did last year – Silver, Slate Grey, Gold and Rose Gold.

The latest reports have it that the company plans a new iPhone 6 revamp called iPhone 6SE. This is in line with some previous reports that pointed out at three variants of the iPhone. However, unlike leaked earlier, the company may continue with its usual nomenclature. We’ve already seem images of the 6SE packaging material, something we had also heard from rumors that emerged from supply chain sources.

Apple is likely to bring in 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays for its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It may continue with TFT-LCD display technology as AMOLED displays are slated for next year. We saw a leaked display panel assembly last month showed the display and digitizer flex cables connected to the bottom of the logic board instead of top, which is quite different from what was seen in previous iPhone models.

On the display front, the latest KGI report points out that though the display size and resolution will remain same, one can expect the display to ‘copy the visual features of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro’, which means it will be able to render wise-colour imagery to boost the appearance of the photos.


The device is said to feature the all-new and powerful A10 chip coupled with 3GB of RAM. The most recent benchmark leaks showed a single core score of 3042 and multi-core score of 5210. And these are impressive, considering that the currently available Apple iPhone 6s scores 2,542 in the single core test and 4,427 points in the multi-core benchmark. The leaked image of the main logic board, claiming to be of the iPhone 7, was also seen.

Later, an unfinished A10 Chip manufactured in July was spotted online. The A10 chip is said to be manufactured by TSMC based on its 16nm FinFET WLP process.

The latest report from KGI points out at a new Apple A10 SoC, which will come with CPU clocked at up to 2.4GHz, a significant increase from A9.


The memory chips for the upcoming smartphone had also surfaced comprising of 16GB, 64GB and the first ever 256GB. Now considering that Apple finally brought in 4K video recording last year on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, a 256GB variant makes sense, but a 16GB memory option? Sounds really strange. Another report claimed that Apple plans to drop 16GB and the options to remain are 32GB, 64GB and 256GB. But, if he latest rumours are to be believed than Apple has dropped 16GB and 64GB storage units, in favour of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB units.


One of the consistent rumours has been Apple’s iPhone 7 to feature a dual camera setup on the back. While early prediction pointed out that only the premium model in the Plus range is expected to feature this new camera setup that has already been adopted by company’s like LG (G5) and Huawei (P9). Turns out Apple probably has changed its mind mid-way in the process, as consumers reacted well with the introduction of the LG G5 and the Huawei P9 smartphones giving Apple the confidence to bring it all models.

The latest rumours suggest 12MP dual sensors with optical zoom, light field camera applications. “The dual camera is made up of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. Both cameras will feature 12 megapixel sensors. The larger camera will also feature optical image stabilisation and a 6P lens. This is markedly different technology to what Huawei uses in its dual-camera adorned P9 phone,” the latest report adds.  The report further suggests a new camera flash, an increase in the number of LEDs from two to four.


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