Feeling Cashless always?? Let your mobile pay!!

How far can paper and plastic survive in a world where money is increasingly becoming more digital?

Gone are the days when we had to carry heavy wallets. Wallets that had multiple credit and debit cards, several receipts, driver’s license, a handful of loyalty or reward cards, few membership cards and also a little cash. In an age where smartphones are omnipresent and ‘apps’ are being created for almost anything to everything, mobile wallet technology is in the mainstream. We do not have to stow our bulky wallets in our back pockets or our purses. A mobile wallet is a quick fix for any to every kind of transaction that can be done by consolidating many of the cards we use daily onto our phones. The more we transact online, the less the need for physical representations of the currency becomes.

Now, the challenge is to hunt for the best mobile wallet app because this puts us into a situation where there are many decisions to make about what features are most important to you as well as the considerations regarding device-specific availability.


 Zeta, the fin-tech start-up, makes one-tap payments easier and safer. Tax optimiser start-up Zeta recently enabled thousands of office-goers to pay their cafeteria merchants with nothing more than a tap, and in all of 2 seconds. Zeta is calling this avante-garde payment mode the Zeta Super Tag. The product has already been rolled out in select corporations and will soon be available to wider audiences.

The Zeta Super Tag is a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled tag that a user can stick on any object or device that they own and carry with ease. The Super Tag is synched to a Zeta user’s account. Zeta has launched Digital Medical Reimbursement, Digital Meal Vouchers, Digital Gift Cards and Rewards Cards for employees, bringing a relief from the otherwise cumbersome paper-based processes in employee benefits. Zeta is offering Digitised Employee Benefits through its intuitive Zeta App and the MasterCard powered Zeta Super Card. Zeta is the first company in India to launch DIGITAL MEAL VOUCHERS in January this year and has recently launched MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENTS, GIFT CARDS and GADGET CARD. Each of these has a tax saving advantage.

Being a financial app company, Zeta has always prioritised security at the highest level. The security and safeguards in the back end of the Zeta Super Tag system are designed to be more robust and tighter than even your typical bank debit card.  To secure its platform, Zeta which uses bank grade security, has also introduced a new security feature called “Trusted Contacts”, through which you can appoint three of your trusted contacts in the phone book list to as your App Guardians. In the unfortunate event, that you lose your handset, the digital wallet is secured, as in order to reuse it you will have to provide two of the three OTPs that will be sent to your contacts. Using the two OTPs, you can use your wallet once again, without any hassle.

Among the other mobile wallets on the market, there’s variance in the information each wallet holds and in how it can be used. Most mobile wallets are free, which means that you can download them and try them out without incurring cost; it also makes using more than one mobile wallet in order to gain maximum utility a viable option.

Keettoo is a revolutionary mobile advertising App which was launched keeping in mind a two fold approach where advertisers can send their ads to a targeted and a precise user base and the users get rewarded with direct cash for watching the push notification ads. Keettoo has 3 non-intrusive ways to display the advertisements and promotions.

The advertisers can pay per view for push notifications. The users will be credited with monetary rewards for viewing the Ads. The money will be redeemable via payment wallets. Keettoo keyboard also features a scrolling text section that displays latest news & promotions. The user can choose to view news from specific section.

Mobile wallet acceptance is a bit of a catch ; merchants hesitate to upgrade to contactless point of sale (POS) equipment if their customers aren’t yet using it, and many customers aren’t yet using it because merchants aren’t yet accepting it. However, market research indicates that mobile wallet use and acceptance will continue to grow.

In India, the Point of Sale industry is in a scattered state. Most of the big box retailers have access to it and small retailers find it too expensive. On the other hand, the penetration of debit, credit cards and mobile wallets is quite high and smart phone users have also grown exponentially. Given this scenario there has been developed a mobile point of sale solution that is a smart business tool for business owners.

ePaisa (POS) provides the tools businesses need by enabling their point of sale with acceptance of all forms of payment, inventory, digital receipts, analytics, VAS, marketplace integration and more. ePaisa – enabling commerce. We believe that India will be truly digital only when business owners start to digitize their point of sale.

As with any fast growing market, ePaisa started with addressing a widespread need for an effective solution that completely reimagines small business payments. Developing an application that can handle the entire check-out process seamlessly through a multi-lingual mobile app, it brings in a volley of payment and back-end office benefits at just a click/swipe.

ePaisa understands small business owners at a much deeper level which is why the need of the hour for any business is an ePaisa mobile point of sale that bundles all commerce and back-end office needs of a business. A seamless, secure and on-to-go POS using mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Currently over 5000 business owners are using ePaisa and growing their business. One can manage items, take an order, accept payments and send out digital receipts wherever your customers are. With its multi-lingual and customizable interface, it allows a merchant to track sales in real time and record transactions even without internet.

ePaisa offers an integrated payment solution to accept any kind of payments – cash, card, credit, meal vouchers, mobile wallets and Bitcoin. ePaisa helps in engaging your customers by capturing and validating email addresses for email marketing, providing targeted promotions. You can customize your own loyalty programme and reward customers for their purchases, activities and more. It also helps in monitoring business growth by providing access to reports on sales, items, and customers all in one neat summary for any date range. ePaisa handles all the hassles of selling online. It automatically sync products, inventory, orders, and customers across marketplaces with ePaisa POS and accept payments and fulfill orders right from your phone. Through ePaisa you can sell online on Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart and offer to accept card payments on delivery using ePaisa card reader.

Whether you’re a smartphone user who wants to be able to tap and pay using your phone or a small business owner who wants to be able to make the checkout process as easy as possible, there are several good mobile wallets available to suit your needs.

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