MIUI’s defeat over Android one and Xiaomi pulls back its poll.

Xiaomi initiated a poll wherein the users were supposed to choose between the two-faced Android one and MIUI9. And it was quite evident what people liked the most. Unexpectedly, Android one lead by receiving 57% votes and the remaining 43% were given to MIUI.

The discontented company did what it should not have done.  The tweet was removed on learning that their own product has been defeated over the Android one. Now this is what Xiaomi should have learned, that people are still demanding Android devices more. This doesn’t mean that MIUI have a small user base.  But this is indicative of the fact that android has gained more popularity in the recent past.

This should be taken as a learning and Xiaomi should think twice before putting up such kind of tweets.  It certainly turned out be a big failure and they had to eventually delete the poll. Yet again an immature step.  Having received around 14000 votes, The company should have stayed on with the tweet.

We still cannot say what the brand now might be planning to improve things on their end.  But meanwhile it is sure that when it is about technology, the consumer really does not care and will always choose what is fast and updated.

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